Legal Arizona Gambling Sites

Over 28 cities contain legal Arizona gambling by way of casinos, and this is more than enough for most players. The other form of gambling you can find through the state of Arizona is online gambling, where you will see an even wider range of options for your gaming. We are here to explain the finer points of this form of gambling, as wlel as the different caveats, laws, requirements and locations where you can play. It is vital to understand that not all online gambling sites are created equal, which is why you will want to make sure you stick only to the safest possible gambling sites around.

Social and amusement wagering are some of the forms of legal Arizona gambling permitted in the state. Arizona allows a lot of gambling but at a price of heavy regulations and laws. Here are some of the legal ways to gamble in the state: you can go to one of the 20 different tribal casinos, bar poker is also legal but you can’t charge a cover, and machines can’t be rigged. You can bet on horses and greyhounds while at a track. Fantasy sports are not permitted in the state of Arizona. Arizona also has state lottery and inter-state lotteries. Bingo is allowed on tribal lands and for charity purposes. Last, but not least is legal Arizona gambling sites, online casinos that are home based overseas. These sites are actually the most commonly used, legal form of gambling in the state of Arizona.

I would like to go over the online aspects of gambling with you and the frequently asked questions from people that have never used a legal betting site before. Some of the questions that I will answer are: Will I ever get into trouble for betting online? Are Arizona online gambling sites regulated? If I use my money on a betting site, will it be safe? These few questions are often asked. Most of the time, they just would like clarification on the legal aspects of online betting.

Will I Ever Get Into Trouble For Betting Online?

No, you will not get into trouble for betting online. You will not find sites that offer online casinos that are home based in Arizona. Legal Arizona gambling sites are home based out of the US, therefore you are out of US jurisdiction and you are not breaking any laws by placing bets. Overseas betting sites have everything a land based casino has. All the games offered online are legal to play on various gambling sites.

Are Arizona Online Gambling Sites Regulated?

Yes, Arizona online gambling sites follow the rules, and regulations stipulated in the laws of the state. Betting sites also follow the regulations that applied to them in their home based countries, like Canada and Costa Rica. Legal betting sites that have been around for years know the importance of abiding the laws. They will stake their reputations to prove that they follow these rules, because they know the consequences of not being lawful and trustworthy.

Another regulation that I want to bring up, and these sites know the importance of, is the legal age in which a person can gamble. Each state has its own age requirements and each site has a separate age requirement. The state of Arizona’s legal age limit is 21. Most of these online gambling sites ask players to be at least 18. If you are not of the legal age limit to gamble in your state or online we encourage you to wait until you do meet those requirements. We abhor underage gambling and ask that all players be the legal age to participate in online gaming.

If I Use My Money On A Betting Site, Will It Be Safe?

Yes, your money is safe when you use it at an online betting site. Making legal transactions and respectable banking practices is a most important consideration on these sites. When you hand your money over you want assurances that it’s safe, secure, and that your services are rendered. The security of their players, money, and personal information, basically, guaranteed. Legal Arizona betting sites utilize the best firewall and encryption software, in this day and age you have to be extremely careful and these sites know that. These sites have built reputations over 20+ years each, they won’t let it be flushed down the toilet over something preventable like safety and security.

I would like to go over deposits just so you can see for yourself how easily made, and convenient they are. A variety of deposit options, are available on these sites such as Credit Cards, Bank Wire Transfers, prepaid, Money Orders, etc. Any one of these listed methods are accepted to fund your account. Each betting site has its own combination of deposits methods. Deposits also range in speed, terms, and limits. Payouts work very similarly, please reference the betting sites individual cashier you will be using to learn more.

Arizona Legal Gambling Statistics
Legal Gambling Age In Arizona 21 - For Most Forms Of Gambling
Legal Online Gambling Types Available Poker, Sports Betting, Casinos, Horse Racing
Best Arizona Gambling Deposit Method Credit Cards & eWallets
Best Casino For Arizona Residents Las Vegas USA - Exclusive 200% to $1,000 Bonus
Best Sportsbook for Arizona Residents Bovada - Wager on Wildcats, Cardinals, Sun Devils
Best Poker Room For Arizona Residents Bovada - $1K Free & Legal For Arizona Players

Arizona Gambling Legal Requirements

In the state of Arizona, the gambling age was once 18. The state's legislature has raised the age limit up to 21, so players now have to be 21 in order to start gambling, either online or in a live location. The consequences of gambling underage include fines and confiscations, so you will not want to violate the age limit. Arizonans looking to gamble online will not face any crimes based on online gambling. There is no crime that can actually come from gambling on the Internet, as there is no statute that has been written to specifically criminalize online gambling.

Legal Arizona Online Casinos

Online casinos are among the most generous options for gambling, and they boast payouts that can be enormous compared to most other gambling sites. If you decide to play with these casinos, you will see that there are jackpots that can make you a very wealthy person. These casinos are totally dependent on luck, so you will have to have luck on your side in order to earn some cash. Online casinos have not been covered by any specific law, so you will not actually be penalized if you decide to take these sites as your own.

Top Arizona Online Casinos - Exclusive Slots Bonuses For Arizona Residents

Look no further for the site with the biggest jackpots and the highest percentage of progressive machines in the industry. You’ll find that has their software produced by Realtime Gaming, the same guys that make the games for Vegas machines and other online casinos. The software, in combination with the oversight from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, should be enough for anyone to trust that this site is giving them a fair shake. Official gaming auditors have tested these games for fairness, and you have the same chance as everyone else to win big. Jackpots are paid out daily, and getting started takes minutes. is going to accept any major credit card, and never charges any deposit fees. VISIT SLOTS.LV CASINO NOW!

Top Arizona Legal Online Casinos
Lucky Red Casino
400% up to $4,000
RTG Casino
200% up to $5,000
Club World Casino
100% up to $500
Aladdin's Gold Casino
200% Unlimited
Manhattan Slots Casino
100% up to $747
Bovada Casino
100% to $200
Buzzluck Casino
100% up to $747

Legal Arizona Online Sportsbooks

Sports betting in the state of Arizona is not something you will be able to find very easily, as there are no live gambling locations in brick and mortar businesses that accept bets on sports. A live sportsbook would be illegal, while an online sportsbook is freely accessible if you live in Arizona. With this option at your disposal, you can begin betting without having to fear the law, as there is no law that has specifically banned online sports gambling in Arizona or the United States on a whole.

Top Arizona Online Sports Betting

Top Arizona Legal Online Sportsbooks
Bovada Sportsbook
20% up to $100
BetOnline Sportsbook
25% up to $900 - every deposit
5Dimes Sportsbook
50% up to $200
DSI Sportsbook
20% up to $500

Legal Arizona Online Poker

Online poker is open to residents of Arizona, which is where you will be able to find the various options where you can win some serious cash. If you are a capable poker player, money is easy enough to win through these various gaming sites. One of the main reasons we have decided to play with an online poker room is that they are infinitely more convenient than a live poker room. Operating 24 hours a day, these online poker rooms provide cash games and tournaments alike, all on demand.

Top Legal Arizona Online Poker Sites

Bovada Poker

Bovada is the one poker room we have always relied upon for our easy winnings. If you decide to start gaming with Bovada, you will find that there is no poker room as versatile as Bovada's. They offer cash games and tournaments, covering various styles of poker and a wide range of stakes. They have Texas Hold 'em, Omaha hold 'em and seven card stud all available through the poker room. You will not have to worry about much other than knowing how to play if you are going to stick to this site. They have a 100% match to $1,000, which will start you off with a larger bankroll than you had previously imagined. Their random number generator is totally legitimate, so you will not have to worry about an enormous amount of bad beats. VISIT BOVADA

Top Arizona Legal Online Poker Sites
Poker Site
Bovada Poker
100% Bonus To $1,000
BetOnline Poker
25% Bonus To $900

Land Based Arizona Gambling

Live casinos are all over Arizona. There are more than 20 different casinos in the state, and poker is included in many of these. If you decide you want to play with these betting sites, you will be able to start gaming with nothing more than a bit of cash, a car to get there, and some luck to win. You do have to prove that you are old enough to get in, but then you can start gambling without much trouble.

Overall Synopsis of Legal Arizona Gambling

Arizona will not restrict you from gambling online. You can easily begin playing without too much trouble, as there is no statute that has made it a crime for you to play online. Should you decide you wish to hit the games, you will be able to turn to the Internet or the live gambling locations, leading you to easy access to what could be a great way to earn money. Arizona legal online gambling is freely accessible until these.

Top Arizona Casino

Aladdin's Gold Casino Exclusive 200% Unlimited

Top Arizona Sportsbook

Bovada Sportsbook
20% To $100 Bonus

Top Arizona Poker Site

SportsBetting Poker
110% Bonus To $600